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3D Printing at Houston Maker Faire

February 14, 2021
Houston Maker Faire

Houston Maker Faire

Houston Maker Faire  was everything we dreamed of. We had a chance to check out the latest local projects and makers in the Houston area.

  • Robots
  • 3D Printed Violins
  • Lego Cities
  • Home Made Cars
  • Robot Bands
  • And Much More


Houston Maker Faire



In this video we discuss the applications of the Workhorse 3D Printer. The CNC spindle makes a great add-on to the 3d printers modular functionality. Future plans of 3d printing chocolate, clay, 3d printed batteries and even 3d printed motors. Maybe next year #makerfairehouston we’ll demo our idea of multi material 3d printing at Houston Maker Faire.


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