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On USING features vs knowing they are there – my Prusa printer rocks

October 2, 2019


Man, I’ve had this printer a week or two and I’m loving it.


I’ve owned several 3d printers over the years and they all have impressive lists of features. However, when you’re actually using them, sometimes those features aren’t as important, or don’t mesh well, or whatever.

It wasn’t till today when I suddenly decided I needed a part printed quickly that I realized this prusa is so much easier and more reliable than my old taz6 (which admittedly had been abused).

For example, I wanted to change filament. previously I had to manually heat the head, retract, yank out the filament, shove new stuff in, then proceed. This thing has features that automate all that so I just had to hit a button and wait for a beep, then pull the old and push in the new. Doesn’t sound like much, but in practice it was really nice.

Then I realized that my previous printer required quite a bit of babysitting during the bed leveling, cleaning, and initial layer. Again, probably because it was abused. This thing just prints.

Then to top it all off, I usually dread removing parts from the PEI sheet on the lulzbot. If your part has a big surface area you are often prying and beating and then possibly damaging the sheet. The prusa’s removable bed has completely rocked so far. parts just pop off.


I KNOW this sounds like an ad. That’s one reason I’m not posting it on my facebook or something but if you look back at our actual reviews, you’ll find nearly all these points.


anyway, good job prusa!

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