• jesterpoet

Turning mistakes into opportunities

December 18, 2019

So, it’s been really cold here in Minnesota, but we’re getting close to Christmas, and I need to get my gift props finished up. Last night, I ran into a snag.

I’d been painting in the garage, which is cold, but bringing the pieces inside to dry. I thought that would work out just fine, but with the glossy black spray paint, it started creating bubbles on the parts.


There’s only one solution to that, which is to sand, and paint again.


But, in the end it turned out okay. Originally, I had been trying to decide whether to use gloss or matte black paint for the DL-44. To be honest, I didn’t really like either option. After sanding the pieces down, however, I’m fairly confident that using gloss (if I can get around the bubble problem) and then VERY LIGHTLY sanding the pieces I’ll get a finish that’s just right. This isn’t it exactly, but seeing this makes me think I can get there in the end.


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