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Achievement Unlocked: Meet Christmas Deadline

December 23, 2019

Well, there’s not much time to spare, but I made it. I got all the prop gifts done in time for Christmas.

Mad Eye Moody’s eye came out very well with a box I found at the hobby store:

I’m hoping Jess will be really excited with this one. I also had some fabric in my scraps that is perfect for the lining of the box (glued over a little sculpted foam).

Chris’s DL-44 replica came out great. It was an insane number of pieces, and all the way through I said I’d never do this again, but, honestly, I kind of want one for myself now. I’ll probably be making this again.

I quickly 3D printed a base and painted it with Rub-and-Buff. I’m not super happy with it, but I suspect he’ll want to display it, so it needed something. It was lucky that I had a little black PLA still around, as I don’t think I’d have had time to paint the stand.

As always, I tell myself next year I’ll start earlier, but I’m sure I won’t.

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