Let’s be Bakeneers (Baking + Engineering)

In this workshop we will create a tasty holiday present with a surprise that can't wait to be unwrapped !  We will make a gingerbread present with a robot "Makey" cookie that will pop up from inside! By the end of the workshop you will learn:
  • A "Construction-grade” gingerbread recipe
  • How to use isomalt instead of frosting as your "superglue"
  • How to construct a "Makey" the robot inspired cookie cutter
  • Use electronics such as Servos, Motors, LEDs and the Adafruit Circuit Playground to bring our creation to life.
Templates and instructions will be provided so you too can apply what you learn! The workshop will be broken out into the following topics:
  • Introduction
  • Project and Materials
  • Setting up the Playground Circuit Express
  • Design and Build project
  • Tips and tricks
  • Decorate and present
  • Q&A