Welcome to Maker Camp!

Welcome to Maker Camp 2021!

We are excited to launch a whole new Maker Camp experience for 2021. Newly updated and rebuilt from the ground up, Maker Camp 2021 offers a flexible structure that makes it easy for anyone to host a Maker Camp. Join us to learn about all the exciting offerings for this summer.
  • Explore 7 new Maker Camp Adventure Themes for 2021!
  • Check out over 100 projects that you can curate our own Maker Camp experience from.
  • Discover our new Learning Management System and see all it can do!
  • Get a sneak peek at the great new materials and kits we're featuring this summer!
  • Learn great ways to communicate and stay in touch all summer long!
  • Get tips for making your Maker Camp an amazing experience for campers!
PLUS, we'll officially announce our 2021 FEATURED MAKERS! This year's Maker Camp is bigger and better than ever before. So jot down your questions, bring your favorite project to share, and grab a cup of coffee. It's time to get excited because Maker Camp is here! Haven't registered yet? No problem. There's still time. Visit makercamp.com to register for FREE!

Make Camp Training: Mozilla Hubs Exhibition

The Virtual Maker Camp Exhibition is Make Camp’s student driven online exhibition! Imagine a video-game style world where students can put up photos, art, and models of their projects. It includes "spatial voice chat", where multiple groups of attendees can chat with each other in the same room just by standing near each other. Teachers and students come together to showcase their projects. In this Maker Camp training session, we will introduce you how to use Mozilla Hubs to showcase your campers creations. We will lay out the Virtual Maker Camp Exhibition framework and show you as Maker Camp leaders all you need to know to participate. Using Mozilla Hubs, students create their own worlds and exhibition spaces for their in real life creations. Linked together in a network of portals, these virtual galleries can be navigated on our World Map. What we build now will be the road to the future of work and education! Maker Camp Community Partners, attend this session to learn WHAT a showcase on Mozilla Hubs is, get an INTERACTIVE demo, and learn HOW to get your students involved! Not a registered Maker Camp? Register your Maker Camp today.

DIY Juggling Balls & How to Juggle Them

If you have always wanted to learn to juggle? Here’s your chance! Ted will walk you through making your own juggling bean bags and then how to get started juggling. Juggling is a life long skill so getting a solid foundation of how to do it and how to learn the infinite variety of tricks is important. In addition to making your own bean bags we will cover the steps to go from throwing and catching one ball to how to juggle 3, 4, 5 and more. One secret about juggling is to focus on the throws and not the catches and another is how to build success into your learning style. Once you can juggle the basic pattern Ted will show you how to break down juggling tricks so that you can teach yourself for years to come.