Build Your Sidekick w/Raspberry Pi

Did you ever want a talking chicken sidekick that only responds in chicken-speak? How about a monster that can let you know the weather in grunts and growls? Then this workshop is for you! In this workshop we will create a basic animatronic with a full featured voice assistant.  The character will be able to respond to a simple voice command and include an animation (a mouth that moves, eyes blinking, etc). Our goal is to develop a MVP ("Minimum Viable Product") then later refine the concept.  We wont go too deep into any particular area. Instead giving you working knowledge of each task and by the end of it you will be able to expand this project with new features. Day 1: Character Concepting Material and Parts walkthrough Hardware setup and preparation Building the character Programming animations to a 6-channel Pololu Maestro servo controller Voice assistant overview with Mycroft Voice skill development overview and basic setup Creating a simple voice skill Day 2: Using custom responses in your voice skills Triggering animations to servo controller from voice skill Show and tell