So You Want to Buy a Router CNC?

Are you considering buying a router-type CNC?  If so, understanding the different types of machines, the basic concepts in using CNC, the additional tooling required, the software toolchain involved, and a host of other issues are critical for making the right decision.  This class will dive into:
  • The different types of CNC
  • The software toolchain from idea to cut
  • The anatomy of a CNC
  • Different materials and how the CNC can work with them
  • The types of tooling (bits, clamps, dust collection, etc.) you need to  be successful
  • CNC operations like pocketing, VCarving, drilling
  • The criteria you should use to assess different CNC options
Hosted by Tim Deagan, a contributing author to Make: magazine, this 3-hour class will provide you with a solid understanding of what a router-type CNC can do for you and what you need to be prepared for to make the best use of it.