Whimsical Wearables Workshop #1: “What is a wearable?!”

If you've ever thought "what the heck is a wearable?" or "Um, what is a circuit??" then come to this workshop! In this introductory class, we'll blend art, crafting, and technology and learn how to add tiny lights to clothing or as accessories. Along the way, we’ll discover more about electricity, electronic circuits, and a special technique called Design Thinking that helps us expand the possibilities of what we can make for ourselves and for others. No prior knowledge of circuits or technology necessary! Come with an open mind for a hands-on, participatory program.

Whimsical Wearables Workshop #2: Gesture controlled lights

In this second Whimsical Wearables workshop, we'll learn how to make "smart" wearables to control lights* with gestures! We'll use MakeCode, a block-based coding program, so no prior coding or hardware experience necessary.  Unable to get hardware? No problem! MakeCode also has a simulator so you can follow along, build the software, and program the hardware later. *With the same hardware in this workshop, it's also possible to play music! If you grab yourself a servo motor you can also move things!

Whimsical Wearables Workshop #3: Make a Glove Controller

In this third Whimsical Wearables workshop, we'll learn how to add switches to our wearable outfits by making a special glove controller.* We’ll build off of projects in the 2nd workshop and use MakeCode and the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express along with some new materials.  It is recommended, but not required, to attend Whimsical Wearables Workshop 2. No prior coding or hardware experience necessary, but some experience with wearables and/or sewing is recommended (attending Whimsical Wearables #2 is adequate). From Whimsical Wearables #2 (wish list here: http://www.adafruit.com/wishlists/525316 *I’m partial to glove controllers because they are versatile and modular, but you are welcome to create something different! You can follow along and use the same materials to build all sorts of wearable buttons.