DIY 3D Personalized Trivia Board Game

Wouldn't it be amazing to get together with friends and family to play a fun competitive board game -- and that game is based on YOU!? You are the star of the game and everyone playing gets to learn new things they never knew about you! Or maybe not a board game about you personally, but perhaps a game starring one of your kids...or a parent...a BFF....a grandparent - anyone! Welcome to the creative world of Luanga Nuwame's 'Game of YOU!' The Game of YOU! is a fully customized board game experience that can be made about any person. The featured individual is the bonified star of the game. Forget about monopolies and battleships, or hungry mammals and settlers - the person in the room is who everyone is battling to know on a deeper level. All movements, game cards, competitions and interactions are based on that special person. No dice are needed - the game is self-contained! There is simply no other game like this out there and through this course, you will learn all the steps to make a truly fun and interactive 3D game experience. A game like this is more than just an 'ego trip' for the featured individual. Do you have a child with low self-esteem and is struggling to see how awesome he/she really is? This game can be that cathartic step towards deeper personal growth! Do you have a grandparent who has done amazing things the rest of the family should know about? This game is that tribute worthy of the greatest generation and will ensure future generations know of grandpa's/grandma's legacy! Looking for the most unique personal birthday present for a friend or co-worker? Look no further! Heck - do you really love yourself and would like to have a game about your awesomeness? Let's make it happen! The best thing about this course is that you will be provided ALL the templates you need to make the game. By the end of the course, you will have a completed ready-to-play board game that can be customized to your specific tastes. You want to use different color combinations than what instructor Luanga Nuwame uses - no problem! You want to change the order of the playing spaces - go ahead and you'll be shown how! Want to make up new spaces - you will be instructed on how to do that! The whole point is to make a game that is yours to enjoy to the fullest! What will you get as part of this course to use for the rest of eternity?
  • The complete game board template
  • Blank game card templates
  • Instruction manual template (that we will work on together)
  • Spinner template
  • Questionnaire booklets
  • Memories to last for a lifetime (that's added in for free :-D)
Sign up and prepare to learn how to make a board game worthy of any person!

Build Your Sidekick w/Raspberry Pi

Did you ever want a talking chicken sidekick that only responds in chicken-speak? How about a monster that can let you know the weather in grunts and growls? Then this workshop is for you! In this workshop we will create a basic animatronic with a full featured voice assistant.  The character will be able to respond to a simple voice command and include an animation (a mouth that moves, eyes blinking, etc). Our goal is to develop a MVP ("Minimum Viable Product") then later refine the concept.  We wont go too deep into any particular area. Instead giving you working knowledge of each task and by the end of it you will be able to expand this project with new features. Day 1: Character Concepting Material and Parts walkthrough Hardware setup and preparation Building the character Programming animations to a 6-channel Pololu Maestro servo controller Voice assistant overview with Mycroft Voice skill development overview and basic setup Creating a simple voice skill Day 2: Using custom responses in your voice skills Triggering animations to servo controller from voice skill Show and tell