A Crash Course in Using EMG

One of the easiest signals to capture and utilize with OpenBCI’s boards are Electromyographic (EMG) signals. This is because EMG signals are typically very loud signals with obvious amplitudes to capture. In this working session, we will capture these signals in real time and use them to manipulate different devices. This session will also provide a very brief overview of setting up an Arduino board and circuits, as well as providing a way to write to these external devices through the OpenBCI GUI to control them with EMG signals.

Session Goals

  • Get familiarized with the Arduino IDE
  • Establish an understanding of the following concepts:
    • Reading in from and writing out to analog pins 
    • Serial reading and writing, using the Serial Monitor 
    • Assigning a pin for input/output, understanding pinMode()
  • Establish a basic understanding of breadboard circuit design
  • Get familiarized with Processing and the OpenBCI GUI
  • Establish an understanding of the following concepts:
    • Properly preparing electrodes for placement 
    • Placing electrodes in the correct locations for proper EMG signal acquisition 
    • Observing EMG data via the OpenBCI GUI
    • Writing over Serial through Processing