Kinetic Fish Sculptures

Join puppeteer, sculptor, and storyteller Dave English for a three hour tour of his puppet studio and online education laboratory as he leads you through the steps of making your own jiggling wiggling kinetic fish sculpture. Walleye, Bass, Crappy, Mackerel, Catfish, or even Shrimp! It's all fair game. Heck you can make a land animal if you want to live that life. It is your creation! Dave is going to show you some construction methods, tools, materials, techniques that he uses as a professional puppeteer. Participants should have at least one person per group who is comfortable using some basic wood shop skills for the wood cutting part. This project also offers hands-on opportunities like assembly and painting for younger participants. Work alone or as a group to make a fun wooden-jointed fish sculpture that moves like a real fish that you can display on your shelf, porch, boat, windowsill, etc.