So You Want to Buy a Router CNC?

Are you considering buying a router-type CNC?  If so, understanding the different types of machines, the basic concepts in using CNC, the additional tooling required, the software toolchain involved, and a host of other issues are critical for making the right decision.  This class will dive into:
  • The different types of CNC
  • The software toolchain from idea to cut
  • The anatomy of a CNC
  • Different materials and how the CNC can work with them
  • The types of tooling (bits, clamps, dust collection, etc.) you need to  be successful
  • CNC operations like pocketing, VCarving, drilling
  • The criteria you should use to assess different CNC options
Hosted by Tim Deagan, a contributing author to Make: magazine, this 3-hour class will provide you with a solid understanding of what a router-type CNC can do for you and what you need to be prepared for to make the best use of it.

Japanese Chisels: How Samurai Tech Beats Modern Tools

Japanese chisels have a well-deserved reputation for being incredibly sharp, while holding their edge for a very long time. In this workshop, you'll learn how to set up and use Japanese chisels in your workshop, and how and why centuries-old blacksmithing techniques can produce a tool that outshines modern-day offerings. Other topics will include the wide variety of Japanese chisels, how to select and buy Japanese chisels (and other Japanese woodworking tools), demonstrations of techniques to get the most out of your chisels, and time for Q&A.