Fix Our Planet!

The planet is cooking and it’s 2020 already. We’re going to have to fix this ourselves! It’s the Makers, doers, and hackers who will build the technology to vanquish climate change. So let’s start making the future our kids deserve.

All year long Make: will bring you physicist-slash-genius Dr. Saul Griffith’s prescriptions for decarbonizing our world, plus the top hands-on DIY projects you can do right now, and amazing Makers creating the future in categories like:


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Calling All Climate Makers: Electrify Everything

To solve climate, we need an epic effort to electrify vehicles and entire homes. Makers can make it happen.

By Saul Griffith

The future could be awesome. Solving climate change and improving everyone’s lives in the bargain is possible. But so far it has proven politically impossible. Our climate policies and Green New Deals are frankly not enough to 
hit the 2030 targets that science tells us are necessary. We will likely lose all the coral reefs, suffer intolerable ocean acidification, and set in place carbon feedbacks such as methane emissions from melting tundra, if we allow the planet to warm any more.

America can utilize its fabulous natural resources to provide abundant zero-carbon energy to all its citizens. Energy will cost less than ever before, and new jobs will be created in every zip code. We’ll enjoy cleaner air and water, rejuvenated agriculture, and better food. Once 
on the path to zero emissions, we’ll thrive by exporting technology and know-how to the world.

That could be the future we live in, and it is worth fighting for.

This article is about envisioning the project to decarbonize America (and the world), and the role of Makers in achieving it.

It can be done. It is urgent. It is audacious. We need to stand with the children and get it done, because right now they’re the only adults in the room standing up and telling it like it is. It is a climate emergency. Extinction Rebellion and the Youth Climate Strikers aren’t extremists. They’re the only groups showing appropriate urgency.

We pissed away three decades fighting with ourselves and allowing fossil fuel companies and climate deniers to distract us. We don’t actually have “10 years” as implied by the headlines. We’ve already deployed infrastructure that will burn enough carbon to take us well past 1.5°C and maybe past 2°C. That means we need to replace every vehicle, power plant, furnace, and stovetop, with a zero carbon option, the next time it’s being replaced. We need 100% adoption and perfect execution.

Game on, Makers, it’s your time to shine. Not only do you need to invent all the widgets, but you’ll need to start advocating for the right solutions, and being an ambassador for the better world we could live in.


What are you making to fix climate change?