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10 Great Short Prints

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Ages 8+

What Will You Learn?​

Having a well-tuned printer allows you to print larger and longer — from overnight into multiple days. Many of the printers we tested can easily take 40 hours or more to print items that max out their build areas. However, sometimes you just want fast prints for handouts, demos, or even while exhibiting at Maker Faire!

Here’s the 3DP Test Team’s curated list of fast prints that work well on any machine and take very little time.

The Prints

Stretchy Bracelet

A no-clasp bracelet that prints as a single piece and stretches to be worn. Download on Thingiverse.


This snake is meant to replicate the old-fashioned bendable wooden toys. Download on Thingiverse.

Pocket Coin-Op Bottle Opener

Open your soda easily with this bottle opener. Download on Thingiverse.

Customizable Carabiner

A carabiner to secure your keyring. Can be customized. Download on Thingiverse.

Mini Whistle

A very small whistle, but with a loud sound. Download on YouMagine.

Maker Faire Robot

A 3D version of the Maker Faire robot. It’s a very good “Hello world” test for 3D printers. Download on Thingiverse.

Weekly Cup

One in a series of 3D printed cups you can make. Download on Thingiverse.

Spinning Top

A spinning top to delight kids (of all sizes). Download on Thingiverse.

Mobile Phone Stand

A simple stand for your smartphone. Download on Thingiverse.

Rebel coin

A Star Wars coin for a launcher. Take this idea and remix! Download on YouMagine.

What's Next?

Make it Yourself

Why not try designing your own 3D printed creations? Tinkercad is free and offers great tutorials and projects to get you started with Computer-Aided Design (CAD).

  • Starters define basic 3D design functions, and link to relevant Lessons to develop your skills.

  • Lessons help you learn important skills in just a few steps – so you can master 3D design in no time.

  • Projects provide easy-to-follow instructions to set you on the fast path to designing in 3D.

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This article was originally posted on Make: on November 10, 2014 by John Abella.

See project for links to print files.

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