Amber The Maker

"Amber The Maker"

Join us for a reading of the children’s book, Amber the Maker, written by Ann-Louise Davidson and Elizabeth Lakoff, and illustrated by Alina Gutiérrez Mejía. It is the story of Amber who was born with a right arm that stopped below her elbow. As an eight year old, she wears a hand prosthetic that doesn’t fit her that well. She begins researching how to design and build her own prosthetic using 3D printing. And so she visits a makerspace to learn from others how to make things.

Dr. Ann-Louise Davidson

I was born curious. I spent the better part of my childhood asking every question I could think of and admiring people who could do things with their hands, people who could fix broken bicycles, leaky faucets, radios and television sets. Still today, I spend most of my time asking questions and imagining things that don’t exist. In my day job, I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Education. I hold the Concordia University Research Chair in Maker Culture and I am the Director of the Concordia University Innovation Lab I am also Associate Director of the Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology.