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Camp Checklist

Every site has its own needs and desires, and of course, each Maker Camp experience will be very different depending on the choices you make. But this list should help to get you started.


  • Decide how to get kids signed up to be a part of your camp.

  • Determine if you will divvy up your summer into week-long sessions or single drop-in programs.

  • Use official Maker Camp Digital Assets to reach out to your community and promote Maker Camp at your site.

  • Update your website with information for interested campers like program times, ages welcome, and details on how to take part.

  • Create a web page or blog for your Maker Camp or organization.

  • Select what Adventures, Trails and Projects you plan to share with your campers.

  • Collect items for reuse by creative campers.

  • Order supplies you can’t freely find.

  • Gear up to document camp with photos, videos, notebooks, binders, or online sites.

  • Connect to other Maker Camp Community Partners like your own or which are nearby through the Maker Camp Community Group.

Also make sure you have:

  • An Internet connection to access

  • Computer, phone, tablet that can run the Maker Camp site (, YouTube, etc.

  • A large screen or projector and speakers to watch videos together as a group if you choose to access our video archive.

  • Computers for your campers to use, if available.


Now that you’ve got the basics read on for more details, starting with Planning Your Camp.

Maker Camp June 18, 2021
Maker Camp is a do-it-yourself online resource to help leaders like you organize a summer camp that engages children in making. Our goal is to provide you and your campers with the inspiration and the helpful resources, along with many possible projects to fit a wide range of interests and abilities. The idea is to focus on making as a playful, social activity. Maker Camp provides enough support for anyone to get started. Making provides experiences that help children become self-directed learners and good problem-solvers.