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Client Stories

30-45 min


Ages 8+

What Will You Learn?

We have found that to develop empathy and enlarge the ideas, it is helpful to have students design for someone else, a client so to speak. By becoming acquainted with other peoples’ stories it aids in formulating their own story.

Encourage campers to use color, line, shape and texture as they make design decisions. Ask them to explain their choices so as to get beyond, “Pink is my favorite color, so that’s why I chose it.”

Feel free to create other client stories, appropriate for the age of the students you teach.

A croquis is a quick sketch in the fashion world. Croquis templates are provided so that campers don’t get stuck on drawing the figure and can focus on their design. These templates can be traced so they can be used again. Let campers know that ideas are most important, not how well they draw.

The design notes are to help designers think and do not necessarily have to have full sentence answers!

Tell Their Story Using the Elements of Fashion Design

Now that you are more familiar with the Elements of Fashion Design and you know how to make a circuit, it’s time for you to bring them together and sketch an outfit that tells a story.

Choose 1 or more of these clients and design a runway piece that represents their story.

A croquis can help sketch the design. Use the croquis provided as the master copy, put a blank paper on top, then trace the outline. Think about color, shape, line, texture and lights as you design.

Story 1: The Low Key Magician

This student has magical powers but doesn’t like to show them off. From flying to making things disappear to controlling the weather, there doesn’t seem to be a limit to the magic. The student doesn’t want to be known as a superhero or anything, but is always ready to help when needed. What can this student wear on the runway to tell this story? 

Story 2: Nature Child

This student loves the great outdoors. If there are trees to be saved or trails to be fixed, this student is the first to volunteer. Happiest when camping or backpacking, this student is always prepared for any emergency. What can this student wear on the runway to tell this story?

Story 3: Don't Be A Litter Bug

This student is concerned with the trash on the ground in the neighborhood. In order to be a part of the solution, this student has organized a Saturday cleanup group. Children and adults meet to pick up the trash they find as they walk the streets. What can this student wear on the runway to tell this story?

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