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Creative Competencies

Our Camp Adventures are designed to encourage young people to develop their own ideas, to experiment, and to innovate. Teaching young people the activities themselves is not the primary goal. Rather, the goal is to enable young people to develop their own projects and to foster motivation and confidence in their ability to learn.

Through these projects, you can help campers develop creative competencies. Here are the five key competencies that we identified as outcomes for young people who participate in creative learning and making!

Identify as a creator or maker.

Young people develop positive attitudes toward creating hands-on projects

Develop confidence in creative expression.

Young people feel capable of bringing their ideas to life by designing, experimenting, iterating, and persisting through failures.

Acquire technical tool literacy.

Young people become familiar with a variety of tools and technologies that they can use to make projects.

Become aware of STEAM.

Young people become aware of ideas and concepts that bridge science, technology, engineering, art, and math; showing curiosity to learn more.

Learn collaboration and networking skills.

Young people actively engage in collaborating and helping others.

To learn more about these competencies, we suggest you read Start Making! (PDF | Print | Free if you join the newsletter)

Maker Camp June 18, 2021
Maker Camp is a do-it-yourself online resource to help leaders like you organize a summer camp that engages children in making. Our goal is to provide you and your campers with the inspiration and the helpful resources, along with many possible projects to fit a wide range of interests and abilities. The idea is to focus on making as a playful, social activity. Maker Camp provides enough support for anyone to get started. Making provides experiences that help children become self-directed learners and good problem-solvers.