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Funny Boxes

30-45 min


5 – 10

What Will You Learn?

You will transform a box into a fun friend! You will create a mechanism taking advantage of the shape and structure of a thin cardboard box and together with our creativity we will turn it into characters and adventures, while you explore movement.


A great idea to do prior to our project is to ask, have you ever reused cardboard? Do you know what a mechanism is?

Prepare Your Box

Step 1

Open the tabs at both ends of your box, then press them so that your box lies flat.

Step 2

Take your scissors, and cut across the width of the box at both ends, having a cardboard rectangle without tabs.

Step 3

Now, place the box on a table, push it, move it and apply a little pressure on the top, you will observe a movement.

Does the way it moves remind you of an animal or a scene?

Now with the help of creativity, observe and imagine how to transform that movement into something fantastic, from a robot to a lion.

Create Your Character

Step 4

With your character selected, you will prepare your box.

With the help of scissors, select one of the ends of your box, and cut a small section at the intersections of this, in this way you will create the tabs where your character will go.

Step 5

Take the sheets of paper and begin to trace the arms and head of your character and then cut them out.

A tip: you will place these on the tabs of your box, so you can trace the outline of these on a sheet, to serve as a guide.

Add Your Character

Step 6

With your character finished, take the glue stick and glue each of the parts to your box, you can also take scissors to cut the excess.

Step 7

Your box is finished, it’s time to have fun with it!

What's Next?

You can experiment using other sizes or using drawing supplies, tape, and craft supplies to bring your imagination to life, adding more personality to your creations.

Take it Further?

You can take it further by generating other mechanisms to give our characters more style and new movements.

Further Resources


Fold: Join the ends of a flexible object or apply one over the other two parts of a flexible object.

Reuse: To reuse something, generally with a different function than the one it originally had.

Mechanism: A set of pieces or elements that, adjusted to each other and using mechanical energy, do a job or fulfill a function.

Movement: Action of moving or moving, changing the place or position of a body in space.


Diego Francisco June 4, 2021
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