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Light Diffusion Box

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Ages 8+

What Will You Learn?

When using lights on a fashion piece to help tell a story, the elements of fashion design are still considerations. Of course the color of the lights is important, but light patterns and light diffusion affect the line, the shape and the texture of the piece.
A diffusion box helps designers see what lights will do in combination with various fabrics.

Build the Box

Step 1

Leaving a 1.5″-2″ frame around the edge of the lid, draw a rectangle.

Step 2

Cut out the rectangle, making a window.

Step 3

Put lights in the bottom of the box.

Step 4

Lay fabric across the box and put the lid on top to view the effects.

Step 5

To combine fabrics or to vary the distance from the lights, add another layer by cutting the box horizontally, parallel with the bottom. Put fabric across the box and stack the cut part on top and then fabric and lid. Like a layer cake.

Step 6

Change the fabric, change the lights, put 2 different fabrics together to see what effects will enhance your story!

If you have access to a laser cutter and would like something sturdier than the shoebox, here are files to make wood diffusion boxes. Designed for ⅛” plywood.

Light Diffusion Boxes

What's Next?

This diffusion box can give you ideas about how to better control the lights of LEDs. For the full MakeFashion Edu outfit design course click here!

For a ton of ideas on what to create, have a look at the amazing outfits that have already walked the MakeFashion Edu STEAM Runways, check out the YouTube playlist

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