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Light Diffusion

10-30 min


Ages 8+

What Will You Learn?

When we think about Color, Line, Shape and Texture in relation to lights we need to consider diffusion. Diffusion means the scattering of light rays. For fashion, our young designers often refer to the states of diffusion as how glowy or pin pointy the light is. For different effects the LED might be covered with something like glue or fabric to get more diffusion or moving the LED further away from the covering will change it also.

For example, if you want to get the appearance of the night sky you may want each light to be a separate point to look like the stars, so not much diffusion is needed, but if you want the effect of a sunset you would need to diffuse the lights so there is a glowing effect.

Things to try and experiment.

Cover your battery/LED circuit with different fabrics or paper or plastics to see the different effects.

Change the distance between the coverings and the light.

Combine different coverings and distances.

What do you notice? Which materials diffuse better than others? Which effects would help you tell your story on the runway? Which of the elements of fashion design can be manipulated by diffusing the light?

On the Runway

See Diffusion on the runway! Where are the lights on this outfit, and how are they getting diffused?

Notice that the headpiece uses clear wires, have you seen wires like these before? They are fiber optic wires. If you have fishing string at home, test it out to see how it diffuses light?

The LEDs are being a material like gauze, that allows you to both see the lights below and fills the fabric with the same colors.

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