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No-Sew T-Shirt Tote Bag

What Will You Learn?

What can you make from an old t-shirt? Lots of great upcycled projects!

Watch the video below with Make: author Kathy Ceceri to find out what makes t-shirts stretchy and strong, and see how to turn a retired wearable into a no-sew shopping tote. It’s just one of the projects from Kathy’s book Fabric and Fiber Inventions. (Hint: Get the book in the Maker Shed or your local library for step-by-step written instructions!)

The Video

About the Book

Enjoy this project? The No-Sew T-Shirt Tote bag is just one example of fun and innovative projects you can find in the book Fabric Inventions by Kathy Ceceri. Fully illustrated with easy step-by-step projects, this fun book starts with the basics of sewing and knitting before moving on to more complicated topics such as silkscreen and electronic circuits in your wardrobe. By completing the projects here, you’ll soon be able to create your own amazing fabric and fiber inventions!

Kathy Ceceri June 4, 2021
Kathy Ceceri is a STEAM educator and the author of over a dozen books of hands-on learning activities with a focus on science, technology, history, and art. She has taught live online workshops for Maker Camp, written beginner-level tutorials for companies including Adafruit Industries, and worked with the Girl Scouts of the USA to develop robotics badges and a cybersecurity challenge. Formerly the Homeschooling Expert for About.com (now ThoughtCo), Kathy teaches enrichment workshops through schools and libraries, and offers classes directly to families through SEA Homeschoolers. Check out Kathy's books in MakerShed and on Kathy's site. Follow Kathy's works-in-progress and interesting links on Twitter and Facebook and in the group DIY Homeschool. Watch the trailer for her online classes here!