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Paper Circuit Introduction

10-30 min


Ages 8+

After reviewing the circuit diagrams on the first page of the PDF, put copper tape on the heavy black lines on the second page.

Peel off a little of the white backing at a time as you put the adhesive side of the copper tape down. If too much of the white paper is pulled off the tape will get tangled.

Make sure to leave empty space to add on the LEDs so that the electrons will flow through the LEDs.

Much of the copper tape for circuits has conductive adhesive, so it is ok to tear off ends to make corners. If your tape does not have conductive adhesive you will need to make the corners out of a continuous piece of tape. You do this by pulling the tape in the opposite direction that you want to go and then folding it back over itself in the correct direction. This method ensures that the electrons will have a conductive path to go through.

LEDs have a longer leg which is the positive leg. Open the legs (make the LED do the splits). Put the longer leg of the LED on the copper tape coming from the positive side of the battery and shorter leg from the negative side, use transparent tape to hold down the legs on top of the copper tape.

Remember positive to positive and negative to negative when putting the battery on the circuit. The copper tape should either touch the positive side or negative side of the battery but not both.

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