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Paper Circuit Ring

10-30 min


Ages 8+

Fold the Ring

Follow the video to make the origami ring. Stop before the last step which is inserting the ends together. It is time to add the circuit.

Add the Circuit

  1. Put a piece of copper tape on each side of the ring. On one side bring the tape around the end and up 1/2″ on the outside.

  2. Open the ring up and poke a small hole in the center of the box, enough to push up a bit of the LED through.

  3. Bend the legs of the LED so they look like someone who is riding a horse.

  4. Insert the LED partially into the hole from the underside. Use transparent tape to fasten the LED leads to the copper tape. Tape the battery to the ring, making sure the battery is sandwiched between the tape that was 1/2″ up the outside and the copper tape on the other side. If you can remember which side the positive leg is on great! The ring should light up before you tape it. If that doesn’t happen, switch the battery around.

  5. Put the ring on your finger and impress your friends!

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