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Project Prompts

If you still want some ideas, we’ve written up this long list of project prompts.

The Hunt for Junk
It’s the Maker Camp scavenger hunt! Collect bottle caps, cardboard tubes, boxes, and other useful stuff for your invention box.

Strike a Pose
Print Makey out and strike a pose with the mascot of Maker Camp! Use one of the paper Makey templates, cut and fold. Or use your 3D printer if you have one!

Make up a game, or scale up a favorite board game (a la Life- Sized Mousetrap or Giant Simple Simon on trampolines.) Control a video game on a large scale by using your Makey Makey.

Nature Hike
Collect natural materials to use in your Maker Camp projects.

Peek Behind-the-Scenes
Find where things are made in your community. Arrange a visit or explore on-line to see if you can learn more about these places. Schedule a tour at a chocolate factory, bakery, or other local Maker/ manufacturer.

Singe Paper with a Magnifying Glass
(Have water handy, and know where your nearest fire extinguisher is!)

Go for a Walk in Your Neighborhood
Take a picture of or sketch a tree you think would make a nice to live or play in, under, or on.

Linger by the “Lake”
Make boats. Play with water. Skip stones.

Reclaim broken plates to design mosaic trivets
Or make “raster” art with square tiles.

Tool Treasure Hunt
Find a new favorite tool!

What project will you exhibit at the next Maker Faire!

Demo Day
Teach someone how to do something you know how to do.

Make Yourself Known
Start your own blog to share projects you’re working on. Start a portfolio, and share it on-line.

Open Your Own YouTube Channel
Frame your art (or photos of your projects) and put them up on the wall. Tell Make about what you’ve made!

Meet a Maker
Get to know a Maker in your community. Learn what they do and how they do it. Write a story or shot a video about this Maker and share it with us.

Make Someone Happy
Make a gift: It could be a cake or a greeting card.

Secret Summer Santa
In a group, give out boxes all the same size, and ask each camper to build something that fits inside it. Close them up, and mix up the boxes that come back. Open each one at a time.

Design Something to Solve a Problem
It could be your problem or someone else’s.

Film a Video About Projects You Made
Record your soundtrack!

Show It All Off
Organize a School Maker Faire for your affiliate site.

Tinker with Toys
Collect easy-to-open, fixable vintage toys and electronics from garage sales and thrift stores.

Mutate Two Different Broken Toys Together
Dabble in circuit bending.

Travel into the Future
Find or design something we might still use in the year 2999.

Light Up + Glow
Collect glowing things. Paint with light with Glow Doodle.

Saved from the Landfill
Make something composed mostly of recycled and reused items.

Transform a T-shirt
Turn your old T-shirts into a bag, a quilt, weaving loops, a skein of “yarn,” or any one of dozens of other projects.

From Eggbeaters to Mops
Reuse something you found at home in a new way.

Fix-It Clinic
Make what’s broken functional again.

Art Behind the Wheel
Transform your neighbor’s jalopy into an art car.

Travel Back in Time
Make something that could have existed before the year 1900.

What Wool You Make?
Spin wool into yarn, or turn roving into needle felted objects.

Make Your Own
Recycled Paper with a blender, a screen, and an iron.

Marble Paper
Float inks on shaving cream, wallpaper paste, or even carageenan, and transfer the images onto paper. Or you can even marble on water! (Japanese style, suminagashi)

Coat a Wall with Phosphorescent Paint
Draw patterns, like hypotrochoids (also known as spirographs), or build a giant spirograph generator with chalk and wheels.

Turn a Room into a Camera Obscura
You need a window and a wall, and some way to turn the whole room into a black box. You can also make a walk-in pinhole camera out of a giant cardboard box, such as that used to ship furniture, car bumpers, or large appliances.

Make it BIG!
Take something small and scale it up by a factor of 10 or 100. How would you make a giant snail? Could you attach it to a wheelbarrow, scooter or bike?

Do It Together
Add to a big [collaborative] art project. Hack Your Habitat. Make it your own. Add sensors and alarms to a room. Design and build some simple furniture. Build a cardboard city in your backyard or living room. Personalize its walls with murals and graffiti.

Create a Puppet Theater
Make fuzzy puppets, finger puppets, sock puppets, shadow puppets, or marionettes to populate its stage.

Get Rollin’
Remove a wheel from or add a wheel to something.

Dig into the Garden
Grow your own food. Plant some seeds. Train a time-lapse camera on your sprouts.

Eat, Drink + Be Makey
Bake pi pies. Turn your summer picnic fruit salad into a xylophone with Makey Makey. Create special cookie cutter shapes.

Connect to the Community
Find local Maker clubs or guilds. Or start a Maker club! Check listings at local museums, libraries, and community centers for cool Maker happenings.

Power to the People!
Convert a device to solar power. Power a blender by pedaling a bike. Customize Your Bike Put PoV LEDs on your spokes. Add noisemakers: horns, bells, or a muffler. Top your noggin with a unicorn bike helmet.

Mashin’ Fashion
Hybridize your closet. Hack your clothes. It could be an article of clothing, as simple as a T-shirt. Make a wearable that lights up or plays music under the right conditions. Stitch some EL wire onto your backpack or jacket. Get inspired by Swapo- Rama-Rama.

Take Control with Microcontrollers
Encourage your more advanced Makers to mess around with Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

Sketch the World
Draw objects that you see around you. Try turning yourself upside down to draw something.

Be You
Make something creative that says something about who you are and what you like.

Maker Camp June 18, 2021
Maker Camp is a do-it-yourself online resource to help leaders like you organize a summer camp that engages children in making. Our goal is to provide you and your campers with the inspiration and the helpful resources, along with many possible projects to fit a wide range of interests and abilities. The idea is to focus on making as a playful, social activity. Maker Camp provides enough support for anyone to get started. Making provides experiences that help children become self-directed learners and good problem-solvers.