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Share Your Bot​

Let’s share what we’ve learned!

  • Invite campers to share their creations. 

  • Which motor do you prefer and why? What other motors can you think of in your daily life? What power source do they use?

  • What kinds of inventions could you create with these supplies?

  • Encourage students to share their creations with their families at home and try to teach them what they learned today.

Sandy April 30, 2021
Sandy Roberts, has been a certified STEM educator for over 13 years. She shares her love of science, engineering, technology, and maker activities through her business, Kaleidoscope Enrichment, as the 2021 Maker Camp Coordinator, and as the author of The Big Book of Maker Camp Projects. As a scientist, a teacher, and a mom, she loves to learn with her students as they create and innovate. Read more about Maker Camp: Maker Camp Should Be a Part of Your Summer This Year Kaleidoscope Maker Camp: All STEM & Smiles My talk at World Maker Faire 2017, Six Years of Maker Camp: Tips and Reflections. Check out my playlist of activities from last year's Family Maker Camp! Find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
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