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Sharing Camper Work

Sharing camper’s projects is a great way to celebrate their creativity. Additionally it gives camper’s family the opportunity to see what they are working on over the summer. Highlighting projects can help those in your community discover Maker Camp and the Maker Movement. And, of course, many campers love to see their work shared. It can be very motivating and empowering! Here are some great ways to share your camper’s projects this summer.

Social Media

Share photos and videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tic Tok and other sites using #MakerCamp.

Digital Portfolio

Create a portfolio or gallery of camp projects on a website (like Google Sites). Or use an app like SeeSaw, Padlet, Wakelet or Flipgrid to collect their work.

Virtual Experience

Create a virtual gallery of camper projects in Minecraft or on a Mozilla Hub. Learn to create a virtual experience by attending our information session or connecting with SteamHead in the Maker Camp Community Group.

Broadcast It

Create a YouTube or Vimeo channel to share clips from camp. Or start a podcast featuring camper voices and ideas.

Old School

Get to know a Maker in your community. Learn what they do and how they do it. Write a story about this Maker and share it with us.

In Person Events

Consider hosting a School Maker Faire or Gallery Night to feature camper’s work. 

Safety First

Make sure you have permission to post photos that may include your campers or use editing apps to blur or block their faces. Never use their full name and location when posting on social media.

Build Community

Follow fellow Community Partners and ask them to follow you. Be sure to like and comment on their camper’s work. Looking for other camps to follow? Meet other Community Partners in the Maker Camp group on or follow Maker Camp on social media to see who we feature.

Maker Camp June 18, 2021
Maker Camp is a do-it-yourself online resource to help leaders like you organize a summer camp that engages children in making. Our goal is to provide you and your campers with the inspiration and the helpful resources, along with many possible projects to fit a wide range of interests and abilities. The idea is to focus on making as a playful, social activity. Maker Camp provides enough support for anyone to get started. Making provides experiences that help children become self-directed learners and good problem-solvers.