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60-90 min


Ages 8+

What Will You Learn?

We will take a premade belt, and apply a circuit to the outside of it. We will take measurements, use glue, and apply our knowledge of electronics.

In this project, designers will use the MOSFET touch-activated circuit they have created, and apply it to a belt. The step-by-step instructions can be reviewed as inspiration on your own below, or followed to create the project. The project is fairly simple to construct, and it’s encouraged that the designer create the belt to serve a specific purpose or outfit concept that they have developed.

The belt holds the fairy light circuit touch point on one side, and the positive wire on the other side. When a person touches both sides at the same time, the MOSFET receives a the signal to activate the LEDs!

Get Inspired!

In the MakeFashion Edu Touch Circuits lesson, we saw how to use a MOSFET and fairy lights to make a circuit that can be turned off and on by touching it. One way to incorporate that circuit into a fashion tech accessory is to make a Super Belt. We call it the Super Belt because when you stand in a super hero pose, you can turn on the lights (or turn them off). And a belt that lights up should definitely be a part of any superhero fashion piece.

Size Your Super Belt

Step 1

Put the belt on and mark where the buckle or connector is on both sides. This will tell you how far to put lights.

Step 2

Put your hands on your hips (waist) and mark where your thumb is and where your pointer finger and ring finger are. Take the belt off and transfer the finger markings to the underside. This will be the guide to arranging the electronics and wires.

Step 3

On the outside of the belt, lightly sketch out the design for the lights.

Place the Fairy Lights

Step 1

Turn the belt over and arrange the battery, mosfet, the touch pin and negative and positive wires as shown in the photo. Tape wires down, but don’t cover up touch points.

Step 2

Put maker tape around the touch points and then stick to the front of the belt. Test to make sure the circuit works and also that you can put your thumb on the touch pin maker tape and your pointer and ring finger on the positive and negative maker tape touch pads. You should be able to turn the fairy lights on and off by using pointer finger for on and ring finger for off. Thumb always maintains contact with the touch pin pad.(Photo shows different fingers, but do whatever feels comfortable for you.)

Step 3

Glue fairy lights on the belt following your design guides.

Try It On!

Now put the belt on, assume the superhero stance and engage your SuperBelt! (Double click to play video.)


Now that you’ve created a game controller, why not make your own game? Head over to Scratch.mit.edu, and create your own game to work with Makey Makey!

What's Next?

For a ton of ideas on what to create, have a look at the amazing outfits that have already walked the MakeFashion Edu STEAM Runways, check out the YouTube playlist!

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