The School Makerspace & Community Connections

The School Makerspace & Community Connections​

The connection between the school makerspaces and community members as well as local businesses can help prepare students for future success in college and career readiness. In this session, Ted and Emily from the Anna Integrated School District in Texas talk about how to create community connections and develop industry-based certifications that give your students opportunities to seek & develop skills necessary for the workplace. A teacher with 22 years of classroom experience, Emily Burk is a Maker Integration Specialist in a 3,744 square foot public high school makerspace.

Ted Mackey

I was blessed as a young kid to have access to a Dad (Steph) that was an Electronic Engineer for NCR. A soldering iron in my hands at an early age. I had 2 computers at the age of 15. Was a member of an advanced program that placed students in a “Science Research” class in high school. Taking things apart, breaking things, and solving problems became my norm at an early age. While in the USAF, I was fortunate to be trained by one the GREATEST trainers around! He allowed me to FAIL without regret! My many experiences have caused me to develop a passion to see staff and students be placed in like situations! Having the freedom to EXPLORE and DEVELOP skill through failure is my PASSION!

Emily Burk

Emily Burk is a Maker Integration Technology Specialist in a 3,744 square foot public high school makerspace in the North Texas area. Emily has had 22 years of experience in the classroom varying from fine arts, English-Language Arts, career and technical education, and media and technology integration. She has a passion for project-based learning, making learning applicable and relevant to all learners, and providing all students equitable access to maker education.