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The Simplest Circuit

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Ages 8+

It is important to think about Shape, Texture, Line and Color when we use LEDs (lights) in our runway pieces. Lights can help tell the story or they can overtake the story, it is all in the design.

Let’s explore circuits using only a coin cell battery (CR2032) and LEDs.

See if you can make the LED light up. If you can, you have just made a circuit! How many LEDs can you light?

Use the Tell Your Story with Color activity sheet and use the LEDs to match some of the words.

A hint about the LED: the longer leg, the technical term is lead – is the positive side (+) technically called the anode and the shorter lead is the negative side (-) or the cathode.

Give campers time to figure out how to light up the LED, before you tell them about the positive/negative leads. When they have made the circuit, then ask what they notice and why it works one way and not the other. Let them explain in their own words before you give them the technical terms or talk about electrons flowing etc.

Making an Impact

Check out this outfit made with just the simple LED and Coin Battery circuit!

On the fashion piece, we have a symbol that shows a gun with a circle and a cross through it. This means that our group is against guns. The lights on the back of the jacket represent the 109 people that died each day in 2017. The red lights at the bottom of the shoes represent school shootings. In 2019, 51 people died or were injured because of school shootings. For these reasons, we are activists for stricter gun laws and we hope you agree with us.

Stricter Gun Laws

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LEDs and Coin Batteries

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