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Trashion Fashion

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Ages 8+

What Will You Learn?

It is sad, but the fashion industry is the number two polluter of our environment. We don’t want to add to the problem so we encourage using fabric remnants, thrifted clothing and upcycled items in our runway pieces. For this project we are going to the reduce, reuse, recycle fashion extreme. Campers are going to design and create fashion tech pieces from materials that would normally be thrown away. This piece could be accessories, footwear, jewelry or a full outfit.

Put fashion tech skills into a runway ready piece that tells a personal story but also a story about Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

The Process

Remind designers (or design teams) that many of these materials are great diffusers, so along with the elements of fashions, they should take advantage of the diffusion properties in their pieces to tell their story.

Maybe the Crazy Headwear could be part of the Fashion Trashion piece.

What story do you want to tell about recycling? Why is it important to you? Write it down.

Use croquis to make several sketches. Use Design Notes to help ideate.

Integrate a circuit to elevate the story with lights.

Gather materials from around the house that would normally be thrown away. Do any of these materials give you more ideas?

Decide on the design to construct.

Start making, adjusting, redoing and persisting as needed, until your piece becomes what you envisioned!

Celebrate a show it off!

Use a design process that works for you to help get your ideas into the physical world. If you want an example of a design process, you can click into the next lecture where James will guide you through a process we use with the young designers.



For my first trashion piece I decided to go with a purse. I was able to design and construct it quickly, so I decided to do another.



I wear glasses so stylish frames are important to me. I have a jar full of pop tops so I decided to use them to make these fashion trashion shades!



I love color and newspaper adds are very colorful, so my mom helped me make a dress from nothing but ads and scotch tape. It is hard to see but my fairy light touch circuit goes around the waist and a simple circuit is on the flower.



Sheriff Boxy wants to bring law and order to Tucson! He is made mostly out of cardboard boxes, but there are other trash items also. A paperclip switch completes the circuit to make the LED light up.

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