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Using LearnDash

LearnDash is a Learning Management System (LMS) used to offer courses online. Maker Camp is using the system to create our library of projects this year. LearnDash makes it possible to easily select and follow the Adventures, Trails, and Projects that you want to use for camp.

You can access the Adventures through the Maker Camp Group or by clicking on the compass icon in the left-hand menu bar on the site.

LearnDash is, generally, very easy to use. Just click on an Adventure and scroll through the Projects offered. Or use the category checkboxes and search feature to find the content you want. Both Adventures and Projects have short descriptions to help guide you in your selections.

Once you are in an Adventure, click on Start Adventure to access the projects. There is no limits to how many Adventures you pursue at one time.

All the Adventures have a Freeform structure, so you don’t need to go through the projects in any particular order. Just select what you want from the menu on the left and enjoy. You can repeat a project as often as you like, or skip projects that don’t appeal to you.

Each Project has a Resources tab found at the top of the page. By clicking on the tab, you can find a list of materials and tools needed for the project as well as resources like handouts, printable materials, presentations, etc. Links are provided as often as possible to help you purchase items you may need. You can also order kits and materials from the Maker Shed.

Also at the top of the page is the Favorite button. Use this feature to select Adventures and Projects you want to find later easily. Your favorite items will show up in a list on your Profile Dashboard page, so you’ll never lose them. You can even search through your favorite projects, making it easy to keep track.

At the bottom of each Project you’ll see information about the Featured Maker that authored the project. This makes it easy to find a Featured Maker and ask them questions within our Maker Camp Group or to learn more about what the Maker offers. Many have great websites and books available with lots of great projects to keep you making all year long.

Below the author, you’ll also see a “Print Project” button. Clicking on this button will generate an easy to print page of the project, for easy offline use.

If you have any questions about using the system, you can ask in the Maker Camp Group or email for help.

Maker Camp June 18, 2021
Maker Camp is a do-it-yourself online resource to help leaders like you organize a summer camp that engages children in making. Our goal is to provide you and your campers with the inspiration and the helpful resources, along with many possible projects to fit a wide range of interests and abilities. The idea is to focus on making as a playful, social activity. Maker Camp provides enough support for anyone to get started. Making provides experiences that help children become self-directed learners and good problem-solvers.