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What Is Camp?

What things can we adapt from “real” summer camps? Here are some things we remember liking best about weeks at cabins nestled in the woods.

Camp is meeting new friends. trying new things. challenging yourself. independence. developing greater confidence. getting lots of positive feedback. being out of your element. enjoying the outdoors. active play. resourcefulness. encouraging, cool counselors. eating in the mess hall. getting assigned to a random cabin. crazy songs and dress-up. being outrageous. belonging.

What would you add to the list? 

Maker Camp June 27, 2021
Maker Camp is a do-it-yourself online resource to help leaders like you organize a summer camp that engages children in making. Our goal is to provide you and your campers with the inspiration and the helpful resources, along with many possible projects to fit a wide range of interests and abilities. The idea is to focus on making as a playful, social activity. Maker Camp provides enough support for anyone to get started. Making provides experiences that help children become self-directed learners and good problem-solvers.