Primer: What You Need to Know to Build Robotsby Saura Naderi

Ever wondered what it takes to build a robot? How to make one move, respond, think, communicate, or even feel? Saura Naderi, an engineer and artist who creates playful hands-on robotic experiences for companies and universities, will explain the basics of robotics by exploring the many different configurations and programming capabilities available. Using the human body as an analogy, she will talk through the various skills you need to tackle a variety of different types of robot builds and behaviors, from programming simple movements to teaching robot AI to learn, evolve, and respond all on its own.

You will walk away knowing what it will take to build the kind of robot you want. Don’t miss out!

Seating for this Live Learning Event — where you can ask our expert questions in real time and chat with other viewers — is limited, so sign up now! But even if you can’t make it, video of the event will be archived and available to members afterward.