Building Multi-Platform VR Interactions in Unityby Sky Rolnick

A challenge to developing VR these days has been deciding which platforms to target, Oculus, Vive, Daydream, GearVR, etc. Not only that, but technology is quickly shifting, new AR headsets and all-in-one headsets like Oculus Quest are being released. In the past, solutions to this problem required complicated input managers and build systems and in some cases, complete rewrite of controller input code. Wouldn’t it be nice to write code once and have it work on all systems?

The goal of this workshop is to show people how to build a simple input management system that will be truly Multi-Platform XR using Unity’s new 2018.3 input system.

About the Instructor:

Sky Rolnick started out with a PhD in Particle Physics but has since been innovating for VR/AR/XR technologies. What started as a hobby building 360 cameras and producing VR content, quickly became a career. Sky has a passion for VR and is currently building his 3rd VR startup, an immersive arcade located in Lower East Side of Manhattan called Jump into the Light. JITL aims to be more than an arcade, and more of a cultural hub for people who love VR and want to create immersive and interactive art, music and experiences with it. They have hosted numerous events, album launches, and taken several innovative paths a their space, as well as creating a lot of their own content and hosting educational programs open to the public and free for artists and creators. This is truly a gem in the landscape of VR locations.