Make Vegan Leather in Your Kitchen with Kombuchaby Christine Knobel

Have you ever thought to yourself: “If only I could grow a material to make cool clothes and that had low impact on the environment?”

Then look no further! It’s easy to make your own vegan leather from kombucha in your kitchen (or where ever you have a little extra space). Dry it, shape it, and sew it to create your own unique designs. Take a deep dive into kombucha’s huge potential as a textile and how to optimize it for comfortable wear. Plus, learn about disposal options once you’re ready for a new look.

About the Instructor:

Christine works as a freelance designer in the Northern California Bay Area. She has worked with such companies as Cari Borja Clothesmaker, Community Homework, Ink+Ivy, as well as with private clients for cosplay design and construction orders. Her work has been featured by Marvel Comics, and seen on such sites as Vanity Fair, LA Weekly, the Daily Mail UK, and YouTube. Christine has worked as an instructor at Arizona State University in the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts and at University of California, Davis in Design. She is interested in sustainability and how to reduce and reuse waste from the fashion and textile industries. Her recent research has been exploring use of natural dyes, zero waste fashion design, and creative fabric scrap reuse. Her current research is focused on increasing sustainability in cosplay and finding tactics that can also be carried over into the fashion industry.