Primer to 3D Printing: Scalability in Digital Fabricationby Matthew Ebisu

Matthew Ebisu, maker and social roboticist, and former manufacturing technician and instructor at Singular University, will take you through the process of recreating and drastically resizing your favorite toys and items by harnessing the power of digital design and 3D printing.  From concept to creation, he will discuss and show examples of how he was able to take a few of his beloved childhood gadgets (such as the Nintendo ROB robot) and rebuild them to a massive scale. This talk will cover:

  • Finding and adapting original toy blueprints and turning them into sketches for 3D modeling
  • The ins and outs of digital fabrication (learn to build almost anything imaginable)
  • Tips on when to start from scratch versus adapting existing models for your own use

Whether you come from a solid CAD or mechanical design background, are interested in getting started with digital fabrication, or just want to make fun stuff with your printer, this talk will walk you through the 3D landscape.