Wearable Tech 101by Kitty Yeung

This live workshop will start with a step-by-step tutorial to construct tech-infused garments, including explanation of common hardware used, integration with soft materials and programming of microcontrollers. We will be making a light-up patch as a 101 demonstration. The basic principles established will be used to scale up into a full tech-embedded dress. Kitty will show her work in progress of a recent dress she’s creating. See some examples at hackster.io/kitty-yeung

If you’d like to build along, you can purchase the Gemma Starter Pack from Adafruit. You will also need some felt (see main image for example of use). Please ensure that you prep your Gemma V2 by installing the Arduino, NeoPixel, and Gemma libraries. You can find more information on prepping your Gemma V2 here.

About the Instructor:

Kitty Yeung

Kitty Yeung is a physicist, artist, maker, fashion designer, and musician based in Silicon Valley, California. She currently works as a creative technologist and manager at The Garage, Microsoft. Kitty’s earlier career had been focused on hardcore scientific research and academic training while pursuing artistic endeavors through painting, music and graphic novel creations. After finishing her PhD in Applied Physics from Harvard University and conducting research at Intel, Kitty found the perfect way to integrate art/design with science/technology via tech-fashion design. Her work focuses on applying cutting-edge technologies to both garments and manufacturing processes.