Allie (Geeky Faye)

Geeky Faye Art is a “one-man” maker powerhouse exploring the intersections of art, technology and creative experimentation! Whether it’s building cosplay costumes from scratch, designing and 3D printing brand new framing methods, or trying electronics live on stream for the first time, Allie (also known online as Geeky Faye) is doing it, documenting it, and sharing the experience on YouTube and across social media to try and show that anyone can make and be creative! Their videos and projects have been featured on Tested.Com and Hackspace Magazine, as well as being sponsored by companies such as Creality, E3D Online and SparkFun Electronics.

With over 15 years experience working across a huge range of professional art and creative industries, including film, video games, theatre and industrial design, Allie brings to Make an eclectic combination of skills perfect for content creation and online presentation. As a YouTuber and online presenter, strong visual communication skills sit at the backbone of everything they do.


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