Create & Learn offers the best K-12 online coding summer camps designed by Google and Stanford experts. Choose from 25+ fun topics including Scratch, Python, Roblox, Minecraft, AI, Robotics, Arduino, Cloud Computing, and so many more! All camps are live online and led by highly qualified teachers, with no more than 5 students. The unique project and inquiry-based learning method develops creativity and critical thinking skills – so kids not only understand the “what,” but also the how and the why. Join 50,000+ successful students worldwide and experience the difference of award-winning camps now: sign up for free intro classes or enjoy up to a 33% off discount on summer camps (limited time offer)

Besides camps, Create & Learn also hosts free online kids’ events where industry experts, from Apple, NASA, Pixar, and more, share how cool technologies are used in the real world. Your child can also join fun summer events to learn new skills and tools, such as Digital Design with Canva, Learn Coding with Kahoot!, and Fun Coding Fair. Sign up for a free event and explore your child’s passions today!

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