A League of Extraordinary Makers

Season 1 Episode 1

 It’s the rise of the Makers, from the DIY-er in the American garage to the Xbox hacker who doesn’t believe in secrets.

About the Show

A walkthrough the Makerverse, a world where artists, inventors and hackers come together to make almost anything. From guitars formed from AK-47s to an entirely open laptop that ships with screwdrivers, from technology that grows to fashion that feels, from 3D printed prosthetics to digitally fabricated cities – this is the story of the Maker movement, a deep-dive into the minds of extraordinary Makers and the things they make! Learn More.

Benefits Included


A juried competition will highlight makers’ creative, technical, and social contributions and their impact worldwide. Learn More 

In this two-day virtual event, get ready to explore maker topics, share ideas, exchange tips and tricks and learn from one another. Learn More

A FREE youth program with a focus on using science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) to create, build, and discover. Learn More



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Project Announcement! Just added 5 new @MoonMakers projects to the library. Be sure to try making a worm farm & water filter. Or grab a @microbit_eduto build an AI badge or send Morse code! Get instant access at https://buff.ly/3EIZf7m #MakerCamp #SummerOfMaking #Microcontrollers

It’s a Grill, an Oven, a Smoker – The Big Green Egg https://www.bebee.com/producer/@wayne-yoshida/it-s-a-grill-an-oven-a-smoker-the-big-green-egg #MakerFaire

Avye here! ☺️ My #AirQuality #IoT Pavilion Project is shortlisted for Amazing Maker Awards. Fab to be in the mix
Public vote open please vote for me.
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Work Does Not Have to be a Four Letter Word https://www.bebee.com/producer/@wayne-yoshida/work-does-not-have-to-be-a-four-letter-word #MakerFaire

These books are probably the most vital in my #MakerCamp library. I have learned SOOOOO much from them. If you haven't discovered @KathyCeceri yet, guess what? Your day just got better!

We can’t recommend @KathyCeceri and her amazing books enough. I’d share my favorite, but they really all are.

Project Announcement! Just added 3 new @makeymakey projects to the library. Try Crafting & Designing Switches, Designing & Crafting Alarm Systems, & Hack a Toy. Get instant access to the entire library for free at https://buff.ly/3EIZf7m #MakerCamp #SummerOfMaking #MakeyMakey