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2019 ISAM

We are proud to be a sponsor of the 4th International Symposium on Academic Makerspaces will be held at Yale University on October 14-16, 2019. 350 maker enthusiasts from higher education and K-12 programs will be joined by corporate makers, makerspace architects, and maker equipment manufacturers to learn and share best practices related to making. ISAM 2019 includes the presentation of peer-reviewed papers, posters, and videos, as well as workshops led by equipment manufacturers and university makers & innovators. All of ISAM presentations, posters and videos are posted on the symposium’s home page for all makers to benefit from.

The Future We Make

The Maker Movement is a global phenomenon impacting the future of work, product development, education and learning, and more. Maker Faire and Make: magazine have been leaders in telling the maker story since 2005. It’s our mission to celebrate and nurture maker culture and the creative spirit.