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From practical shop talk to heady discussions on the future of making, the 4th International Symposium on Academic Makerspaces (ISAM) at Yale University provided a chance to trade notes, attend workshops, and listen to pioneers in the field.

“The three-day event was co-hosted by Olin College and attended by 350 people from 156 universities from 14 countries. It featured a talk from Ayah Bdeir, the founder of LittleBits, maker of educational kits of snap-together electronics. She recalled the revelatory experience of discovering makerspaces, where she learned about tools, collaboration, and the value of failure. “I think the work everyone here is doing is so important,” she said. “For me, it was critical – my life would have been very different if I didn’t have that experience.”

Closing the symposium was Afghan entrepreneur Roya Mahboob, who saw a computer for the first time at age 16. The “magic box” inspired her to become Afghanistan’s first female CEO of a tech company.

For a complete wrap report of ISAM 2019 be on the lookout for Make: Volume: 71

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