A League of Extraordinary Makers

Season 1 Episode 1

 It’s the rise of the Makers, from the DIY-er in the American garage to the Xbox hacker who doesn’t believe in secrets.

About the Show

A walkthrough the Makerverse, a world where artists, inventors and hackers come together to make almost anything. From guitars formed from AK-47s to an entirely open laptop that ships with screwdrivers, from technology that grows to fashion that feels, from 3D printed prosthetics to digitally fabricated cities – this is the story of the Maker movement, a deep-dive into the minds of extraordinary Makers and the things they make! Learn More.

Benefits Included


A juried competition will highlight makers’ creative, technical, and social contributions and their impact worldwide. Learn More 

In this two-day virtual event, get ready to explore maker topics, share ideas, exchange tips and tricks and learn from one another. Learn More

A FREE youth program with a focus on using science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) to create, build, and discover. Learn More



Förderung der Genossenschaftsbewegung. Gründungswelle neuer Genossenschaften. Das sind die Ziele des MakerCamp Genossenschaften.

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物理会場とメタバース会場のハイブリッド! 参加します。 #MakerFaire #OMMF2022

「Ogaki Mini Maker Faire 2022」は12月3日(土)・4日(日)開催! 出展者募集は9月上旬から|https://makezine.jp/blog/2022/05/ommf2022.html

Once a WB Panda, now a GBS Titan #Glenview34 ➡️#GlenbrookSouth
So proud of you my ❤️ @DenizKaptanGBS
@Glenbrook_south Maker Faire 👨‍🔬👨‍💻💻👾🎮

Nuova #intervista live. Giovedì 19 alle 17.30 parleremo con Ugo Vallauri di #economiacircolare, #dirittoallariparazione e del movimento dei #Restarters

#MakerFaire #Tomakerfaire22 #fixers #diy #righttorepair #sostenibilità

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Sneak Peeks! Make some magic this summer with @MarioMagician! Your campers will build their gimmicks and learn sleight-of-hand tricks. Register TODAY for FREE access to over 200 Maker Camp projects! https://buff.ly/3EIZf7m #MakerCamp #SummerofMaking #MakersGonnaMake

I am applying to take part in the Milwaukee #makerfaire this October to show off my Pokedex! Wish me luck!!