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By Hirotaka Niisato

8 bit is an application work uses the operating principle of a superconducting quantum computer gate control microwaves.

Type: Artistic

Website: https://quantum.siprop.org/8-bit/

State: Tokyo
Country: Japan
Affiliation: None
Team Members:
Noristuna Imamura - SIProp.org


What inspired you or what is the idea that got you started?

Currently, there are many applications work & interaction based on classical computer architecture, but using quantum computers is few yet. I think many quantum computers applications will be created to emerge in the future
Then I focus on superconducting quantum computers in qbit gate control microwaves, propose the interaction between qbit and human, and everyone could touch and try this application.

What is your project about and how does it work?

This 8-bit project's main feature is to convert microwaves (radio waves) in the qbit gate control of the superconducting quantum computer to sound waves in real-time and show them as a Chladni figure. In many cases, qbit gate control(for programming & circuits on a quantum computer) is used as Bloch spheres, but qbit is shown as a Chladni figure in this work, so that can see the gate control as a figure and understand the movement.
The quantum gate calculations and the conversion from radio waves to sound are working on a Raspberry Pi4 in real-time. And the Chladni figure soundboard is made from a junk speaker.

What did you learn by doing this project?

I learned a lot from this project. First, the superconducting quantum computer is operated by radio waves and the qbit basic principle is an LC resonant circuit. Learning about quantum computers may seem difficult, but the principles were very basic. 2nd, How to make Chladni figure soundboard from Junk Speaker. Chladni figure creates beautiful patterns from sounds, and that Chladni figure plate&speaker system is made easy to make at very low cost from the speaker

What impact does your project have on others as well as yourself?

Quantum computers are still in their early stages but can see the possibility for works using quantum computers. Before I started this project, I did not know that a superconducting quantum computer qbit is a simple LC resonant circuit, and I was surprised when I first learned about it.
And will discover that many things can be accomplished with RPi4, such as simulating quantum circuits, transmitting and receiving radio waves, down-conversion to sound, and much more. Finally, I think to share this project with the other Makers that quantum computers are becoming something that can be used in experiential works.