Beginning 3D Printing For Educators

Has your school, library, or museum just purchased a 3D printer? Are you wondering how to get started, and where you can find good educational materials? We will assume that you have minimal exposure to 3D printing and talk you through:
  • What a 3D printer can do
  • How to create a 3D-printable model with free programs, or where to find models online
  • The steps and software involved for common 3D printers
  • Different materials you can print with and why you might want to use each one
We'll also introduce you to 3D printable math and science models we have developed.

MAKE: Geometry – Getting Started!

Want to teach geometry in your classroom this fall hands-on?  Geometry, of all the branches of mathematics, is the one that is most easily visualized by making something. However, it is all too easy to reduce it to reams of formulas to memorize and proofs to replicate. Our new book, MAKE: Geometry,  helps students learn key topics from middle- and high-school geometry by creating 3D prints and trying out other hands-on projects.  The book also teaches how to use the free CAD program OpenSCAD, which uses computer code to describe objects. This interactive workshop will introduce teachers and parents to OpenSCAD and the models in the book, and help them feel confident using the materials and expanding on them.

From Inspiration to Exhibition: How to Create Real World Projects?

Discover how to harness the power of Scratch, Arduino, 3D printing, and all making skills to support learners in creating real-world projects We would talk about different programs whose goal is to create real-world projects. How do they do it? In which context? What’s their flow? What are students learning? Learn ideas and best practices of how to direct your program to create awesome long-term projects inspired by your students.

Make: Education Forum

The growth of makerspaces in education was interrupted by the shutdown of schools, libraries, and museums over the last year. Now, as students return to in-person learning, there is an even greater need for maker educators who can provide hands-on making and project-based learning experiences. Making is a practice that can be learned and shared among educators. The Make: Education Forum brings together maker educators of all levels to learn best practices from each other. The Make: Education Forum is a virtual event occurring from September 24th-25th. Throughout the event, practitioners will explore, share and implement programs for making in K-12 education. The forum aims to transform education by focusing on the needs and interests of educators and their students by developing new technical skills and encouraging the process of creative problem-solving. Programming will include “how-to” sessions and workshops that introduce projects and methods that you can use to design or expand your maker program. In addition, it’s a unique opportunity to meet other maker educators as well as expert makers.   Early Bird Tickets are available until 8/15.   Participate in “how-to” sessions that:
  • Incorporate making into existing learning frameworks and subject matter.
  • Explore resources and opportunities for educational makerspaces
  • Teach technical making skills 
  • Help students find and scope local problems that they can work on
  • Explain the steps to produce a School Maker Faire 
  • Provide options for no tech to high tech making
  • Map out fostering the maker mindset in your school community
  • Expand making in libraries, camps, and other out of school settings
  • More!
  Do you have a topic to share with other educators? We invite you to submit a proposal to present.   What is included:
  • Two full days of virtual workshops to explore maker topics, share ideas, exchange tips and tricks and learn from one another
  • One year membership in MAKE: Community/member that includes monthly conversations, access to discussion forums, and a print and digital subscription to Make: magazine
  • Access to all the project videos and other resources from Make: Camp
  • One year subscription to Make Magazine
  • Make: exclusive promotions and savings
If you have concerns about the affordability of the Make: Education Forum, we encourage you to reach out and we will take your situation into consideration. We do not want a registration fee to prevent maker educators from participating; we will work with you on a case-by-case basis to find the appropriate fee and help you attend the Make: Education Forum.
* Tickets are nonrefundable