6 Pcs 10″x14″ Aluminum Silk Screen Printing Press Frame Screens 156 Mesh Prints

  • Reinforced Aluminum Frame: With high strength, durability, and lightweight, the aluminum frame can fully meet the stretcher's tension. All diagonal welds are smoothed and sanded to ensure the smoothness of the frame. Varieties of sizes of the frame are available.
  • Durable Mesh Materials: Nylon & Teflon material features non-toxic, odorless, good elasticity, dimensional stability under tension, not easily deformed, which can be used for a long time.
  • Premium Glue: Solvent-resistant glue bonded. Strong in viscosity so that the mesh is not easy to fall off. Effectively prevent ink penetration.
  • Easy Operation: Can quickly achieve screen printing with ink and a scarper. After use, the screen printing screen can be cleaned by a screen washing agent, and it can be reused repeatedly.
  • Wide Application: Suitable for machine printing or manual printing of various products, such as electronics, glass, ceramics, paper, outdoor advertising, etc.
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