BORA 5-Piece NGX Clamp Edge System Set for Making Precision Cuts

It’s never been easier to rip, crosscut, and break down material than with the NGX Clamp Edge System. No more fumbling with adjustable clamp ends on opposite sides of the straight edge—the adjustable clamp is connected to the handle. Simply hook the Clamp Edge across your board, line it up with your cut, and clamp it down — all without moving your feet.

  • 50" clamp edge
  • 50" Extension
  • Saw Plate
  • 2 55-inch rolls of Non-Chip Strip
  • Pair of Track Clamps
  • Clamping end on clamp edge moves with handle to allow for easy adjustments from one side
  • Track clamps add angle cutting capabilities
  • Non-chip strip increases accuracy and reduces tear out
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