CANARY Box Cutter Retractable Blade

  • QUALITY & DESIGN PERFECTION MADE IN JAPAN It is an elite Japanese Corrugated Cardboard cutter featuring a 2.95" double Stainless Steel serrated blade with NONSTICK coating that prevents the adhesive tape from sticking on the blade surface. In this way, your package opening and breaking becomes a fast, ULTRA efficient task.
  • EASY TO USE RETRACTABLE BOX CUTTER The blade can be retracted and adjusted to the desired length simply by adjusting the slider. Please use according to the thickness and size of the corrugated cardboard to be cut. When not in use, you can fully retract the blade into the body. It supports safe carrying and storage.
  • SAFETY BOX CUTTER! GREAT FOR USE AT HOME, WORK & SCHOOL The EXTRA sharp blade of this premium box cutter will slice through the thickest cardboard in no time and with ZERO effort. On the other hand, the microfine serrated teeth make it SAFE, and it is hard to get injured just by touching the blade. It is a multipurpose utility box cutter for home, the workplace, the warehouse & the classroom.
  • INTERCHANGEABALE BLADE TYPE The blade can be easily replaced with a refill blade. It can also be used as a tool for frequently used scenes such as warehouse work. Since the blade is hard to crack and break, it prevents foreign matter from entering the box, and the cutting edge is rounded for safe use.
  • OFFICIAL ENGLISH INSTRUCTION IS INCLUDED Each CANARY brand box cutter is manufactured and inspected by Japanese craftsmen in SEKI city and promised the quality. We take great pride in our Japanese box cutter tool. Official English instruction is included. Product Information: Overall Length 5.90" (When blade is extended 9.44") / Blade Length 2.95" / Weight 1.8 oz.
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