Mechanical 4-legged Beast Robot Stirling Engine Model Science Experiment Gift

  • Unique Shape: The highly creative design concept applies the Stirling engine to the four-legged mechanical beast model to make it have walking function, full of technology and more interesting.
  • Science Educational Toys: This is a magical technological invention. The Stirling engine provides power to drive the mechanical beast to walk, allowing you to explore science and observe the magical operation and energy conversion process while playing.
  • Sophisticated Manufacturing Process: The main body of the Stirling engine is made of luminum alloy, and the feet are made of acrylic material. The whole is more exquisite and beautiful. The model is equipped with an alcohol lamp mounting bracket, which is safer and more reliable to use. The model runs smoothly and is durable.
  • Easy to Operate and Durable: Place the model on a horizontal table or the ground, then our 95% alcohol into the alcohol lamp (capacity not more than 2/3), light the alcohol lamp and place it under the hot cylinder to preheat for 30 seconds, and toggle it by hand The flywheel assists in starting. It is forbidden to add any water or oil.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Creative science educational toys, understand the structure and principle of Stirling engine, increase interest in physics learning, do scientific and technological experiments, and cultivate practical and innovative abilities. At the same time, it can be used as a collection of science and technology ornaments, and can also be used as a creative gift for relatives, friends or children.
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