SMT Garden

  • Practice your SMT Soldering skills with the SMT Garden! This is our "official" beginning SMT soldering kit, with a practice area for several sizes of components, and a blinking circuit made with all 0805 components.
  • With our official learn to SMT solder kit you will be able to practice soldering different sized components ranging from 1206 all the way down to 0402. We also included mini-melf and SOD-323 diodes. There are "practice stalks" that have some grounded pads to give you some experience soldering to pads with heat sinking. The 0805 components are part of the circuit along with two dual 555 timers and an inverter which create 5 different blinking rates. We've included a bunch of different colored LEDs so you can choose whichever colors you want for your flowers!
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